If I Were

Saw this on Starring Stella  It seemed like fun so I thought I’d join in.

A month ~  I’d be July.
A country ~ I’d be Wales  – tidy.
A time of day ~ I’d be 8.50 am. School drop off time.
A sea animal ~ I’d be a hermit crab
A direction ~ I’d be North because Northerners are ‘ard.
A liquid ~ I’d be gin
A gemstone ~ I’d be ruby – like my eyes after too many gin’s.
A tree ~ I’d be a Christmas tree.
A game ~ I’d be Scrabble – 14 points.
A famous painting ~ I’d be The Lady of Shalott
A flower ~ I’d be a daisy
A kind of weather ~ Being menopausal, I’d be unsettled.
A musical instrument ~ I’d be a harp – pluck yeah!
A piece of furniture ~ I’d be a rocking chair
A colour ~ I’d be green
A means of transportation ~ I’d be a mobility scooter
An emotion ~ I’d be worry
A fruit ~ I’d be a lemon
A sound ~ I’d be laughter
A vehicle ~ I’d be a 1980’s Ford Escort wiv furry dice & as many K-Tel compilation tapes as can be crammed in the glove compartment.
A place ~ I’d be a lagoon
A taste ~ I’d be tomato sauce
A scent ~ I’d be bleach
An animal ~ I’d be a seagull and do a chip dive on Blackpool Prom, opposite Harry Ramsden’s.
A random object ~ I’d be a TV remote and annoy people by going missing down the back of the sofa.
A body part ~ I’d be nostrils
A song ~ I’d be ‘The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum’. The obvious choice.
An item of clothing ~ I’d be flip flops

If you fancy a bash, link up yours on City Girl Gone Coastal


14 thoughts on “If I Were

  1. Not sure what this says about you Tracy apart from being very funny & slightly mad, in the nicest, kindest way of course. Lmao xxxxxx
    Shortest reply I have ever given you!!!!

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