Rediscovering the Magic


Childhood is a magical time. It’s magical because children are looking at the world with fresh eyes – everything is new and exciting.

Imaginary friends, climbing trees, making daisy chains, running, shouting, skipping, dancing, making mud pies, building sandcastles, giggling at anything and everything and not caring what you look like…life at it’s most carefree.

So, when does the magic stop?

The magic took a direct hit the day I saw my dad putting the presents around the Christmas tree.

The “There is no Santa coz my dad says so” had been doing the rounds at school and that night my fears were confirmed.

I’d slipped downstairs to get a drink of water and through the glass pane in the door – I saw the truth.

There was no Santa.

The whiskey and mince pie were gone but the carrot was there – allbeit half of it missing.

I looked at that carrot the next day with the heavy heart of a child who wished she could turn back time.

It’s a sad moment in a child’s life but just as gutting for parents because it marks the end of that magical part of childhood.

That and the “Santa’s watching you, so behave!” bribe no longer works.

Life was still semi-magical on account of me not having any worries except trying to keep my mother sweet in order to safeguard my pocket money, but the sparkle had gone.

I’d already boarded the puberty express, not that I understood why I was such a cow.

I morphed into the bitch from the bowels of hell. I HATED THE WORLD!!

And everybody in it except for Duran Duran.

Worry, bills, debt, illness, grief, loss, depression, sadness, bullying – all destroy the magic.

I’m almost 44 now and recently I’ve come to look at the world with tired eyes.

Pain, suffering, fighting, hate, killing, stealing, abuse, lies – a daily bombardment of misery – especially if you read the Daily Mail.

You can’t hide from it.

If you manage to avoid it in the media- you hear it in the cafe, “Did you hear that terrible story on the news?”

Terrible things were happening in the world when I was a child but my parents did their job well – warning me of the dangers in life but protecting me from the horrors.

Another reason why childhood is a magical time is that children instinctively live in the present and I believe that living in the now is where us old gits will rediscover the magic. Finding the magical in the mundane doesn’t mean taking leave of your senses, it’s the opposite – it’s making the most of them.

We’re not talking Peter Pan here…

Peter Pan only exists in books, movies – and in the form of Cliff Richard. It’s not about reclaiming your childhood – you can never get that time back.

It’s about living in the moment.

So often we walk around but miss things because we’re too busy thinking of the clothes that need ironing or the guttering that needs repairing.

Boring stuff.

Necessary but boring.

Meanwhile, we’re missing the rainbows.

Living in the moment means keeping distractions to a minimum.

At some point in every day..

Close the laptop.

Turn the PC off.

Switch the mobile to silent.

Use every one of your senses.

Tell yourself that, no matter what you are doing, you will think only about what you are doing.

If you are watching your children play –  watch them playing.

If you are reading a book – lose yourself in the story.

If you are playing some music – put the headphones on and listen to the music without distraction.

Enjoy the food you are eating. Make it a pleasurable experience as opposed to throwing it down your neck before Corrie starts.

Choose foods which tantalise the senses and uplift you – for me, it’s the smell of Earl Grey tea and freshly baked bread.

I’ve lost my way recently. I’ve allowed the difficult situations in my life total head space. I have been the perfect example of living anywhere BUT the moment. I’ve been feeling so shit, it’s almost as if the Dementors have paid me a visit – draining me of every happy thought.

However, while I can’t control the situations, I can control how I deal with them – and when.

I took advantage of little man being home yesterday (due to the strikes) to practice what I’m preaching.

These were my magic moments.

  • Having a snuggly lie in.
  • Enjoying a milkshake and a cake in the cafe.
  • Listening to birdsong and counting how many we could hear.
  • Sitting in the garden under a sun-shade – eating ice lollies.
  • Doing sums on his black board. (I hate sums but he lights up and that’s the magic)
  • Walking the dog with little man swinging his pink Bratz handbag.
  • Hearing a sleepy voice say, “I love you, my lovely mumma.” and feeling my heart fill with love.

The magic that I’m talking about is the feeling that you get with magical moments that you make or those that are unexplained.

The universe is amazing and some of my most magical moments have been out of this world – literally.

When you open your mind – you open up the possibilities.

Do you believe in magic?

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ~ Roald Dahl


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21 thoughts on “Rediscovering the Magic

  1. TRACY, I LOVE THIS BLOG…….but I have to disagree, what you saw that Christmas time was yes you Dad putting presents under the tree from your family but in there WOULD HAVE BEEN something special from Father Christmas. If you disagree, that means there are no elves, no Rudolph and no Mrs Christmas. This cannot be true because I follow so

  2. Bloody thing locked on mean, what if was saying was that I tweet these people on twitter….SO THERE!!!!
    I cannot remember finding out the supposed truth about Christmas so I never have that feeling if disappointment, in fact, I’ve not been told a lot of things but I seem to know them….how does that happen. Anyway back to children and their magical truth, one if my 3 still believed when they were going up to High School so I had to break the news gently, I didn’t want any bullying going on over that…
    LIFE IS TO FAST…here I am writing this when I could be reading….technology has taken us by storm and we have outer lives going at such a pace, that I want to shout sometimes “stop! I want to get off the bus”
    I think it perhaps takes a child to show us things around us that we take for granted, yet to them these things are so special. I’m able to live a fun life because of having Molly-Rose here. Playing bubbles in the garden….her face trying to catch them…priceless. My best bouquet of flowers ever was from her, 2 Daisy’s with hardly any stems, so that I had to use a bottle top as a vase, this meant more to me than any prearranged bouquet, well almost!!! Not just her, I’ve got clay models, some that I did have to kind of ask what they were, proudly still are sitting on sides in our house, my oldest is 23 and youngest is 16!!! Cards that have been kept, Mothers Day 1’s signed by Tom, he had written To Mummy, from Thomas Franks….as if I wouldn’t of known who!!!
    Free things are magical to me, looking into the head of a flower that I’ve grown, each and everyone beautiful. Also, shaved legs and clean sheets but I think I’m going off the mark here!!!
    Your special day written down with S is just quite beautiful……words are free and when they comes from our children’s mouths without being promoted, THAT IS MAGICAL.
    Could write forever but this us your blog, your childhood and your life especially your time you are having at the moment with S. He loves you from the bottom of his heart…..and I love you too. Xxxxxxxxxxx

    • If you won’t start your own blog, will you at least agree to do a guest post for me one day? You’ve quite a way with words yourself, Sheerie. 😉
      Even though I discovered the truth when I was 8 years old – I have had no trouble in re-creating the magic for the boys because my pleasure has been in watching them. I am lucky to be 44 years old and still have that opportunity with S. These years, I will treasure.
      Thank you for your great comment.
      Love you xXxXx

  3. Another wonderful post, I love that you get a reference to the Daily Mail in each time 🙂 And, the comment about Cliff Richard made me snort my tea! Anyway, I absolutely agree that magic is in the now, it’s there, we just need to stop and look for it. Like you I can get bogged down with ‘stuff’ but I need to stop and pay attention more. When I think about it, I can find the magic and I do believe in the magical, I’d just like to enjoy it more in the moment.
    As an aside, Santa is a difficult one… my 8yo still believes, but we’ve made the decision to tell him this year, so that we can control how he finds out; explain that Santa is magic, but the magic is all of us creating the idea and moments for other people. A bit like I said in my post, there is as much magic in making magic for others as there is in experiencing it ourselves, if that makes sense!
    Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt again, love your posts x

  4. Love this blog Tracy I truly believe in magic cos what’s the alternative…..harsh reality of modern day which I can well do without.Ant always says I’m too sensitive for this time + would have been better off in the fifties or sixties where everyone seemed kinder+nicer.What you saying that Father Christmas isn’t real?….you must be bonkers lol love you hugs+kisses Franca.

  5. LOL, it’s funny you should say that because I’ve got a thing for the 40’s. Despite them being the war years, things were simpler and people helped each other. That kindness and spirit is in us all – it’s such a shame that it takes disasters and wars to bring that out in people.
    Thank you for your comment, dear lady. 🙂
    Love you xXx

  6. What an amazing list of magic moments you had on Thursday! You’re so right, sometimes we just need to take a small step back from everyday life to appreciate the magic 🙂 #ThePrompt

  7. Loves this post Sis and it’s so true. E is getting to the age where we have to watch what we are discussing in front of her, like, Christmas present. Last year she was with us when we bought them but not this year lol. I used to laugh when my siblings didn’t believe in Santa but were to scared to say so just in case they didn’t get any presents hee hee. E has opened my eyes to the magic a bit more this last wee while when she notices things I don’t and makes observations that I would never think of but make perfect sense. The magic for me is that random, unprompted moment when she wraps her arms round me and says ‘I love you my mum. You’re my best girl.’. Love you Sis and love this post xxx

    • Awww your comment made me cry!
      What I didn’t mention is that I was about 8 when I saw my dad lol – I had 8 years of magic! 😀
      Even Damien despite his issues (and sometimes even because of them) creates lots of magical moments.
      Love you xXx

      • Don’t cry!! 8 is good so many find out younger than that.
        That’s children for you 🙂 As much as they make is tear our hair out they are totally worth the bald patches lol. Love you xx

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