It’s a Mans World


Women earn less than men in 32 of the 35 major occupations classified by the Office for National Statistics. The three major occupations where women earn more than men – transport drivers, electricians and agricultural workers – are all male dominated. Fewer than 50,000 women are employed in these sectors, compared to 1.5 million men. ~ Source

Sara over at mumturnedmom asks if it’s a mans world?

During the first world war, over 600,000 women took on previously male dominated roles – although women in paid work was by no means new.

During the second world war women, again, showed their worth by taking over the roles previously dominated by men.

In both cases women found that, after the war, the advances that they had made were greatly reduced.

But the woman’s position in society would never be the same.

Before the war a woman’s place was in the home. Her role was to be a good housewife and mother.

Then the wars came the women got stuck in, not just because they had to but also because they wanted to play a useful part in the war effort.

When the war ended in 1945 there were 460,000 women in the military and over 6.5 million in civilian war work.

Without women, our war effort would have been significantly weakened and the outcome may have been different.  Hitler refused to let German women work in the munition factories – going against the advice of his senior industry adviser, Albert Speer.

Many women enjoyed the independence which came from having a job of their own so it must have been a kick in the flaps when the soldiers came home and wanted their jobs back. Women had had a taste of freedom and the thought of being relegated to the kitchen once more didn’t sit well.

Yet, almost 70 years on, we still have a big divide between the sexes when it comes to employment.

It should be simple. If women do the same job as men, they should be paid the same wage.

A woman passed her forklift test at work and started to work alongside men. She formally complained when one of the men refused to change the battery on her truck. She was told it was part of the job description for her to do it. Fair do’s, or should he have done it for her?

Men are discriminated against in quite a few situations..

Screening is available to women for breast and cervical cancers but not for male cancers, prostate or testicular.

While the rate of domestic violence against women is still higher than men, men made up just over a quarter of the victims in 2010 according to the British Crime Survey. That figure doesn’t include the incidents that go unreported like slaps across the face and having to dodge flying plates. Men are not taken as seriously as women and there are fewer refuges.

The law almost always favours the wife/mother over the husband/father.

Fathers have a lot more to do with raising their children than those of a few decades ago, but while the numbers of stay at home dads are on the increase it can be far more socially isolating for them.

If a father looking after his children is the right situation for all involved then what’s the big deal? It’s what’s best for the children that matters and regardless of who is doing what – care giving and bringing home the moolar are equally important roles.

When it comes to equality, there are problems from men and women.

I have worked in factories/ warehouses and almost all of the harassment seen is by middle aged women against young lads.

I know a man who’s wife beat the shit out of him and humiliated him on an a daily basis…in fact, I know quite a few abusive women.

Men suffer at the hands of women too.

I don’t think true equality can ever be achieved because equal means the same and that’s biologically impossible.

Generally, men dominate high powered jobs because they are naturally wired to do it. In the same way that women generally excel at nurturing roles. But it is the case that certain men make great nurturers and certain women make great leaders and providers.

At the end of the day, does it really matter who does what as long as the job gets done?

In some countries women are treated as second class citizens but in certain societies, it’s the women who hold the powerful roles and respect.

I see a lot of hate towards men and I think it’s unfair to tar all men with the same brush because of the rotten apples. There are some evil men out there but evil is by no means unique to them.

A newspaper article in 2010 revealed that annual criminal justice statistics showed that 88,139 women were arrested for violent offences in a single year.

That’s a shit load of angry women!!

The gentler sex?

In general women are the more gentle sex but oestrogen can be as powerful as testosterone when coupled with jealousy or insanity.

Some men need to play the alpha male and leave knuckle trails on the floor but what about the men who beg to spanked on the arse with a rolled up Woman’s Weekly? And if the missus won’t oblige, there are plenty who will!

I’ve no desire to be equal to my OH.

I am not the same as him. I don’t have a penis..well not one that didn’t come with a price tag.

And he can’t ever give birth to anything other than a massive poo!

I’m happy to be different but different doesn’t mean less.

My strength lies elsewhere than physical.

It shouldn’t be a battle of the sexes.

We’re all human beings.

Men are not better than women – they are just different.

Women are not better than men – they are just different.

It’s a (Hu)mans world.

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” George Carlin


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27 thoughts on “It’s a Mans World

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Apart from the fact I agree with every sentiment voiced (why on Earth would we want to be the same?) your humour is faultless.

    Wonderful post!

  2. Brilliant post Sis! Exactly what I would have said (but probably not as funny as you). I totally agree that people who do the same job should the paid the same!! Excellent xx

  3. Lovely blog M…..lots of facts, with some hidden humour….*no penis! well not one without a price tag*…..hehehe! you naughty girl!!! We are different, women and men tend to look different, speak different but more importantly WE THINK DIFFERENT. There is a place for all of us. Don’t shout but I do think some women confuse men a bit, they want high powered jobs (and why shouldn’t they) where they are strong, swear, one of the men etc but then som

  4. Me again, went to delete a typo and it stuck on me!!! What I was saying is that some, in my opinion want to be high powered, men like in the business world but then treated differently in their homes… I’m happy with everything, men to be men & women to be women, whatever that means!!! Great blog M!
    Love from twitter Muma xxxx

  5. Brilliant! Absolutely spot on! If you follow the link to my Pink is for Girls post I talk a little about this (although not nearly as eloquently or with such humour!); the fact is we are different, and actually telling us we’re not and that we should expect everything to be the same for all is inherently wrong. We all have different skills and strengths, that have nothing to do with our gender, and some that do! This is a fantastic post, because I do worry that this debate often seems to degenerate into bashing men; blaming them for all inequality in society, and that’s not fair. The conversation should be about equality for all, and that includes men who want to do something that falls outside the ‘norm’ too. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  6. I agree with a lot of what you say – of course we are biologically different and that will always be the case and there’s nothing wrong with it. I think where ‘man’s world’ comes into play is the fact that the roles we are cut out for (nurturing, etc.) tend to be undervalued in Western society (and that cuts across male/females doing particular jobs like carers, nurses or teachers). Unfortunately these professions are the ones for which ‘outcomes’ are very difficult to quantify – you get a pay rise because someone didn’t die, or because someone you taught when they were 15 went on to invent something society deems to be super-important – just wouldn’t happen would it?! On the other hand you’ve got banking and industry where money generated is *very* quantifiable. And of course those are very male-dominated professions.
    On your point about men not getting cancer screenings – I wondered about that because my dad has recently had radiotherapy for prostate cancer despite not suffering from any symtoms so I assume that he was tested. On the Cancer Research UK website it says:
    “At the moment, there is no national screening programme for prostate cancer in the UK. This is because there is no clear evidence from research that screening will reduce deaths from prostate cancer or help people to live longer.” They also say that there is no research to show that screening for testicular cancer would actually be more effective than self-examination.
    I think what feminism really is, is a call for women to be valued equally for their contribution in society – not for us to be treated as if we are, for all intents and purposes, the same. Do you agree? Or am I being controversial? 🙂

    • Not at all…it’s a good debate with good points raised by all contributors.
      I’m for us as human beings being valued equally.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment – some good points there. x

  7. What a brilliant post and so very articulate. You’re absolutely right when ‘equality’ is discussed its usually from a put-upon women’s POV but there are just as many men, and just as many times when men are the unequal sex. We are different and I think that is something we all have come to terms with. So long we are fair in the way we do it! #theprompt

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