There’s a Ghost in my House



It was a night like any other. I’d been playing upstairs in my room. My brothers were out and my parents were in the living room. At some point I’d decided to go downstairs – our stairs being the kind that had a half landing then more steps. It was when I’d reached the half-landing and had a full view into the hallway that I saw her and by her I mean a young girl who didn’t belong there.

I stood there transfixed for seconds rather than minutes but it felt much longer.

While I couldn’t make out details, as such, it was a girl and all I could make out was that she had long hair.

I was nine years old. Had I hallucinated? Was my imagination working overtime?

At this point the sceptics will be rolling their eyeballs thinking ‘course you were, you psychotic mare!’

Or maybe it was sleep paralysis?

However, I know I wasn’t asleep. I could hear the TV in the background. Everything was as it should have been apart from this girl who I didn’t know and who didn’t belong in my home. I’ve experienced the sleep phenomenon a few times. It’s where you think you’re awake but you’re actually not and it accompanies the feeling of there being a presence (often sinister) in the room or hallucination and you feel paralyzed. It’s horrible!

This was very different..

A few months later I was in my brother’s room – bothering him as sisters do. It was night-time. The landing light was on and the door was half open. We were sat on his bed which was opposite the door. A movement caused us both to look up. It was as if someone had walked across the landing and we naturally assumed it was our mum or dad.


I called out to them but got no answer. We searched the bedrooms and the bathroom but unless our parents had taken to hiding in the wardrobes, there was nobody there but us.

We went downstairs and interrogated them.

‘Has one of you just been upstairs, like in the last five minutes?’

‘No. Why?

My brother and I were in agreement. We’d definitely seen someone (or something) cross the landing and we were like, ‘BLOODY HELL! – Not that we’d have said that within earshot of Mum!

Any subsequent discussions regarding ghosts were met with Dad’s uniform response, “There are NO such things as ghosts!”

Dad’s take on death was that it was final. End of. Finito! He was a self-confessed atheist and about as sceptical as a teabag when it came to the paranormal.

But I wasn’t convinced..

The following year we were given the news that we were going to be moving house. Dad wanted to live somewhere closer to where he worked. Ironically, he was made redundant a couple of years later..

I was desperately unhappy about the situation and stropped about the house in the hopes that they would see reason. They didn’t.

You see, I was born in that house and despite seeing random kids in the hallway, I was happy there. It was the only home I’d known but my feelings, though noted, were not enough for us to stay.

I woz ere 81

On the morning of the move, I scrawled my signature somewhere inconspicuous on the bedroom wall and slammed the bedroom door shut for the last time. I took one last look at my bedroom window as we drove away in the direction of the other side of the city..

One of the first things I noticed about my new bedroom was that I no longer needed the landing light on to be able to go to sleep. In fact it irritated me to have the door open. Only weeks before, I had needed both. One day I was talking to Mum about my ‘experiences’. She went quiet and reached for her fags (a sure sign that she was about to impart some wisdom) and said, Well, there was something that happened..

Possibly for one of the few times in my adolescent life, Mum had my full and undivided attention. What she said next totally put the shits up me…

‘There was a family who lived in the house a few years before we bought it and they had a little girl who fell down the stairs and hit her head on the floor. She became unconscious and never woke up. Of course, we never told you.’

No shit, Mother!

Because, had I have known this, I would never have slept again!

According to Mum, they had no knowledge of it when they bought the house. Though a decent size, the house was affordable because it was in need of complete renovation. Mum later learned of it’s history via a neighbour.

I’ve given this lots of thought over the years and this is what I’ve concluded.

Maybe I was picking up on the residual energy from what would have been a very traumatic time? When I saw her, apparently I was about the same age as she was when she died. I don’t know if it’s relevant or just coincidence.

What I saw could have been my imagination, or a hallucination. It could also have been a ghost or an imprint.

An imprint is a traumatic moment in time that leaves an impression on the building. An imprint doesn’t interact, unlike an earthbound spirit. Though the apparition appeared to be looking at me, there was no other interaction.  We’re definitely not talking Carol (“They’re Heeeere”) Ann, here. I prefer to think of it like that because it’s sad enough that a girl died without having the thought that she was stuck in some kind of limbo on my conscience.

Every aspect of my experience could be explained by normal means but that doesn’t make it the truth. Personal experience doesn’t equal proof but I’m unable to rule out the paranormal possibility. It felt real and the information that came to light afterwards lead me to believe that it was a paranormal experience of some kind.

As a society we can’t agree whether ghosts exist or not. 34% of Brits think they do and I’m one of them.

How about you?

“Ghosts don’t haunt us. That’s not how it works. They’re present among us because we won’t let go of them.”

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” I said, faintly.

“Some people can’t see the color red. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there,” she replied.

Sue Grafton ~ Red is for Malice

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Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts.



Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts.



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22 thoughts on “There’s a Ghost in my House

  1. I totally believe you and this whole concept fascinates me too. It sets me off thinking what a great story this would make as the idea of us being able to interact with the dead in a non-horror way appeals to my imagination. It’s the basis for the book I’m working on too!

  2. Totally fascinating and I believe every word you have written from your memory, why would I not? However for me I neither believe or disbelieve, I would have to witness the appearance of a *ghost* in whatever manner or form and I haven’t done so. It’s certainly not because I’m closed to the idea and it hadn’t had to be from any deceased person I know, incase they are frightened to scare me. Me and a colleague worked nights 10pm to 7.30am in a very large with very old parts of a hospital. Yes we walked to the *haunted* parts at 2am and past the mortuary door and in the basement corridors of all hours of the night but never did we see or feel anything. I would be very open to a *visit* from my family, especially my Dad and sometimes get upset that nobody wants to visit me but is it because they are at peace and gave gone on to their final resting place? I know I have told you Tracy about the experience of my youngest, William, named after Bill my Dad. William was born 6 years after Dad died, so there was no time connection between the 2 of them. However, when snuggling in bed with William 1 night before he was 2 years old and really still in the early speech stage, he told me Grandad had told him yes. Having no Grandad here I thought I would catch him out and asked him if he ever spoke of me and what he called me. He answered yes and I thought he would say Mummy or at least try to say my name… he threw his head back and said “loop loop loop, Grandad calls you loop” my heart missed a beat! my darling dad called me “Lou”……coincidence! I don’t know? They do say youngsters are very open and aware of things like this, as they have no power of preconceived ideas or persuasions from adults. I would have so liked to have asked more, yet I knew I would ask question and be putting the answers into Williams head that I wanted to hear from my Dad.
    I’ve run on again, sorry Tracy!
    Big loves and a wave to auntie Margs xxxxx

    • Oh you haven’t ‘run on’! I’m fascinated! It’s true that children are more receptive (I certainly was). I love that about William and children are often able to give us evidence from ‘the other side’ not that we always choose to accept it. Lovely story…something similar happened to S when he was the same age (to do with my mum) he doesn’t remember it but I always will.
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Lufs xXxXx

  3. I am someone who desperstely wants to believe in ghosts, but who is also someone who has a very good understanding of how the brain works and interprets (or misinterprets) visual and auditory stimuli from the environment (an open university psychology degree student, im a nerd!)
    The last residential home I worked in was suppose to have been haunted, and I definately had experiences I couldnt explain (sounds, seeing things, even poultergeist type activity) but I still cant say im 100% certain there wasnt a logical explanation somewhere.
    Thanks for linking up #abitofeverything

    • I’ve done lots of research over the years so I have some knowledge of how these things can be explained. Having ruled out carbon dioxide poisoning, psychosis, drugs, extremes like cold and hunger, alcohol etc I’m left with a few options, mainly to do with the way my brain works, as in, left side/right side. That is the only ‘sighting’ I’ve had in all my life so I’m obviously not predispositioned to having them. I’ve had more strange experiences but they have been olfactory and just ‘sensing’ a presence. My belief comes from my experiences but I do find both sides fascinating.
      Interesting about your experiences in the residential home…Many people who work with the elderly (or are nurses) often have stories to tell. There is a lot of evidence out there, if only there was more in the way of proof. 😉

      • I have had friends who work as agency workers in elderly residential homes who say they have seen an even spoken to residents when they come on shift only to find out the person died days before. These are normal down to earth honest people. It fascinates me no end 😀

      • That’s the part that interests me the most. Having no prior knowledge gives credibility to the experience. As far as I’m aware, I had no knowledge of what happened to the little girl though it’s not impossible that I could have overheard someone talking..
        My aunty swore blind she could see a little girl dressed in Victorian clothing once. We were in an old pub in Milford Haven. Nobody else saw her and she had been at the whiskey but she was convinced lol

  4. Holy frigging moly honey, this would have scared the living crap out of me! I believe in them too, just sometimes feels like it isn’t just us if that makes sense. As always you’ve written a fantastic and gripping account of events xx

    • Thanks lovely 🙂
      Funnily enough, I wasn’t scared. I was more intrigued than anything else. I’m convinced enough that life doesn’t end with death. We are all energy and that energy has to go somewhere doesn’t it? But I do think that buildings can retain ‘memories’. Have you ever walked into a building and felt ill or sad for no reason? In the same way, buildings can have good vibes to them. I’m starting to sound wanky now so I’ll shut up lol Xx

  5. What a very interesting read! I would generally say I don’t believe, but I totally believe your story, if that makes sense? The fact that your brother saw her too proves it wasn’t just your overactive imagination.

  6. Must be really creepy to experience something like that at such an age…and you still remember it so well! When there’s presence in the house, chances are there could be something that happened before and the spirits never leave. Sometimes, I’m in 2 minds to believe in ghosts…I’ve encountered “somethings” when I was a kid and much younger, and yet, my logical brains is also telling me that I;m just imagining things.

    • The experience itself wasn’t creepy to be honest and since I’ve learned the history, I just feel very sad for the girl. It would be interesting to know if anybody else has ever experienced anything in that house but I suppose I will never know…I think imagination does account for most presumed paranormal phenomena but I am open to some being genuine. I am more creative than logical so maybe that plays a part in me being more accepting? Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  7. I’ve had a few ‘experiences’ like this, but these days I’m more sceptical. I guess the thing is I don’t know. I love reading things like this but I don’t know if I believe it. Loved reading though, thanks for sharing. xx #abitofeverything

  8. I’m a definite believer. When we’d lived in this current house for under 24 hours, I was sitting on the stairs chatting to a pal back down south when I saw/felt someone walking along the landing above me. It was a woman in a long dark (I think navy blue) dress – think turn of the last century. She disappeared when she got to the front of the house. The next day I saw the lady we’d bought the house from and said “you didn’t mention the ghost.” When she said “which one?” I nearly passed out, but I told her and then refused to hear about the other one.

    It was three years before I saw the other one, a very short man in a frock cost that occasionally walks in or out of our back room. I checked with the same lady and she said, yes, that’s the other ghost. Some of my kids have seen both of them too.
    They’re not scary at all, they just seem very ordinary to us now.

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