The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I am honoured to have been nominated for this award, not least of all because I happen to know a lot about dragons. My mother did a great impression of one, only she breathed fag smoke from her nostrils instead of fire. Ha ha

Only joking Ma (don’t haunt me)

The blogger who nominated me is also a fan of dragons so it’s apt that she herself should have been nominated for this award. Her most excellent blog comes with the tagline ‘dragon lover and recovering nutter’.

She is the one and only Anxious Dragon!

So what is the award for?

It was created as recognition for commenters and supporters who loyally trawl through our insane ramblings.

The Rules

You accept the award with thanks and you can send cake if you want to. OK, that’s not in the rules..

Give your readers 5 juicy facts about yourself.

Nominate 5 victims people for the award.

So here are five facts about me.

Fact One

I have appeared in a top selling magazine (NOT top-shelf)

Fact Two

Katie Hopkins blocked me on Twitter. *double thumbs up*Hopkins the Cow

Fact Three

Kirk Brandon of alternative rock band Spear of Destiny autographed my fag packet in the 80’s and Mum threw it away thinking it was rubbish. *facepalm*

Fact Four

I got lost in Weston-Super-Mare (Granddad was supposed to be supervising me but nodded off) and accidentally locked myself in the public toilets and had to be rescued.

Fact Five

I once bought my Nan a box of Neopolitan chocolates for Christmas and I ate the lot BC (Before Christmas)

Now for the nominations *DRUM ROLL*

In no particular order – these are the people whose support means a lot to me. That and I’m a nosy cow who wants to know their five facts.

They are..

Starring Stella

Just Good Enough Mum

Sonny & Luca

Mum of Three World

These Are Grandma’s Thoughts

No pressure to join in, folks, but if you don’t I will have a major strop on.

Be kind to dragons. X


8 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination. Those are awesome facts! Don’t think I’ll come up with anything anywhere near as good as that!

  2. You said cake…..wheres my cake??????

    I am so proud of you for getting blocked by troll face Hopkins, you are an inspiration to us all Xxx

  3. Oh Tracy you never fail to make me smile……how I enjoyed these facts about you! The best has to be being blocked by Katie Hopkins what did you do to offend that poor meek lady??? 😂
    Biggest loves ever 😃 xxxxx

  4. So proud of you for getting blocked by La Hopkins, *sends cake* I shall try and give this a go but my blogging mojo has all but dried up of late, I want to write but somehow the little grey matter says otherwise.

    Love your posts T x x x

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