I started this blog almost three years ago primarily as a way of working through the grief of losing my mum. Writing about her made me laugh again because she was hilarious – she just didn’t know it. Hopefully, I did justice to her personality in my writing…

Mummy Shambles has also seen me through the anxious months of my son’s assessment and subsequent diagnosis of autism.

It’s been a welcome distraction to me during the many hours of insomnia and anxiety. I found that TV was exceptionally shite at 3 am so I blogged instead.

It’s also been the reason behind a few burnt dinners…


For a person who finds communication difficult in the normal way, it has given my words coherency (ish) whereas in life I struggle to express myself without looking a tit.

But sometimes we have to move on and for me that time is now. Mummy Shambles was therapy but I have started a new blog which will have more of a sense of direction..

Mummy Shambles, bless ‘er, will be floating about on a lilo in the Bahamas, necking back the Pina Wotsits and whinging about how hot it is but for now the blog will remain in the blogosphere…

I would like to thank my followers (all five of them lol) for their support. I genuinely appreciate all the input I’ve received.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my ramblings. It’s lovely to know my words have occasionally brought a lump to the throat, raised a smile or even better – a laugh. Hopefully, I will continue to do the same with the new blog.

Thank you also to all the hundreds of spammers who have been inspired by my heartfelt outpourings to flog me some shit. I have enjoyed deleting you!

My new blog will feature autism more because awareness is important to me but it will still be me rambling on about what it’s like to be a menopausally challenged berk who still fancies Nick Rhodes.

In a few weeks it will have a professionally done blog design *excited face* which I’m hoping will reflect what the blog is about.

So that’s it.

The new blog is called Inside The Rainbow so do feel free to pop by and say Hi.

So without further a do, it’s goodbye from her..

The blogger formerly known as Mummy Shambles.




20 thoughts on “Endings…

  1. Mummy shambles has been such a joy lovely. All of your blogs. The happy, sad, thought provoking but mostly hilarious!! I look forward to many more wonderful words from you xxxxx

  2. Grabs for a tissue and *sniffs*……..it’s been a pleasure to travel this road with you Tracy, you’ve made me laugh and cry but most of all you’ve just been you and who could ask for anything more.
    I’m all in for heading forward with you on your new blog, so you know you can count me in!!
    Hey, I’ve just had a thought……🙇💭🙇💭🙇💭🙇
    that 2nd winning lottery ticket hasn’t been called in yet as far as I know, is it you Tracy?? 💰💰💰💰💰 You’re not dropping us for new phish pals are you??👑💎
    Loves you big time

    • You are my top commenter Sheerie (after myself lol) I’m so glad you’re coming with me. 🙂 I haven’t won the lottery (unless OH is keeping it quiet lol)
      LUFS YOU MORE! 🙂 xxxxxx

  3. My first thought was ‘oh no, don’t leave us!’ but then I realised you weren’t leaving you were just moving, so I’ll go right over and check out your new blog. I’ve enjoyed reading mummy shambles – it’s always felt funny and touching and genuine. See you in your sparkly new blog home!xx

  4. Farewell, Mummy Shambles! Your blog has always been one of the most entertaining out there. Glad you’re not leaving the blogosphere altogether. X

  5. Goodbye MS ( That’s menopausal shit-bag not mummyshambles ;-0). Only joking T. Thanks for the laughs, the openness and see you over at the new one. xx

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