What’s The Story

Dear reader,

I’m a forty something mother of three amazing children – two men and one boy to be exact.

I live with the OH. He farts. He snores. He wont let me near the TV remote.


I started this blog primarily because my Ma went and died and I needed an outlet for my grief.

Coinciding with this was an early menopause and the suspicion that my little boy’s behavioral problems were due to autism.

This blog is about life, death and everything in between.

It’s my little corner of cyber world and it keeps me sane. It’s this or a secure unit.

There is a musical theme running through the blog because I am a music fan. I REALLY like music. Hence the title Mummy Shambles … Babyshambles…geddit?

And wherever possible the titles will be songs. Obvs.

It’s just me being a tit and making things difficult for myself.

However you have found yourself to be here – whether it was intentional or because you typed a rude word into Google and found me – I hope you find something to make you smile. I really do.

If you want to leave a little comment here and there, that’s great. I will endeavor to answer each and every comment because my parents taught me good manners innit. I will also reward with cake. And maybe a pint. Beer or gin – your choice.

Kind regards

Mummy Shambles x










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