The Next Chapter


Little man ended the first chapter of his schooling journey today…

Technically he left nursery in July but due to his difficulties we felt that it would be beneficial for him to attend the nursery for one full day a week to remain familiar with the learning environment, that way it would ease the transition into school. It was also a bit of respite for me. It meant that I could wander into town, go and have a coffee without fear of S having a meltdown.

He raced into the nursery this morning clutching his gift for his special teacher, a box of chocolates for the rest of the staff and of course, a treat for the children, his friends. Despite us constantly telling him that it was a ‘thank you for being lovely’ gift, he still ran in shouting “It’s your birthday today, Teacher V!”

We wanted him to enjoy his last day, so we didn’t linger about and I’m proud of myself that I didn’t cry when I gave him a kiss goodbye.

I wrote about school yesterday and how I’m dreading next Tuesday but today there’s been a heaviness in my heart because this wonderful chapter in his life is coming to an end. Despite his difficulties in the early days.. he’s settled and thrived in a loving atmosphere. We chose the nursery over others, which were a lot more modern, simply because it felt right. The first time I saw the manager (Teacher L), she was comforting a child in her arms. She’d a lovely smile and twinkling eyes. I will never forget her kindness and support with S. It was obvious that she loved the children in her care. Sadly she announced her retirement just before the Easter holiday. I joked with her that S had finished her off but she looked at me, smiled and said, “I would fill this room full of children like S if I could, it’s been a pleasure to teach him”.

I said, “We are talking about the same child here?”

Little man seemed to cope fairly well with the new manager apart from one incident where Teacher L turned up for a impromptu visit and it did his head in. As in, he took it literally that he would never see Teacher L again so when she walked in he picked up a chair and threw it at her. It’s things like this that drive it home to me that my child is different…

When we went to pick him up, Teacher V had already left, which I was a little sad about because I wanted to thank her for all her help and support with S over the last year.

He was irritable and he wanted me to hold him. For some reason his trousers were on the wrong way round. I’m pretty sure they were on the right way when he arrived there but he sometimes strips off when he goes to the loo. No idea why.

I suppose I’d better get used to seeing his clothes on back to front because children are encouraged to dress themselves at school and I remember C & K coming home with jumpers on back to front, inside out and not always their own.

S didn’t want to give hugs or kisses to anybody and he wouldn’t make eye contact. He was tired and exceedingly grumpy. He did not want to give the nursery manager, (Teacher T), a hug or a kiss despite her requests. That’s how S is so we didn’t see the point in distressing him further, so we said goodbye and walked through the door for the last time.

I didn’t cry…

As we walked down the street we passed a group of young lads on bikes. We were just about to turn the corner when one of them shouted.


I smiled, nodded and muttered, “So does everybody else now thanks to you and yer big gob!”

Teacher T gave us S’s ‘Learning Journey’, two books recording his progress at nursery from when he started in September 2012 until last Friday. We went through them when we got home. Both have his photograph on the front but in the first one when he started nursery, his expression was guarded, as were most of them throughout that first book. In the second book he is smiling on the front and all the way through. He is happy. He’s thrived in a loving atmosphere. We made the right choice…the photographs prove that.

That’s the moment that I cried.

But it’s OK…little man was elsewhere hammering the crap out of some Play Dough, so he didn’t see me blarting.

I don’t know what the future holds for little man but I will never forget the teachers who gave him this wonderful start in life.

So as one chapter ends…another begins.

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown

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